Curator Central was my final group project for MIT's Software Studio Class. I worked with Andrew Stoddard, Maria Ascanio, and Stephanie Howe.

Below is our project pitch and demo. You can find our code in this repository.

Museums are in need of our help. Many people feel that museums are antiquated and aren’t geared towards younger generations. Museums are looking to change this by enhancing visitors’ experiences, and many have moved to a “participatory model,” centered around the visitor experience. Often serving as a cultural center, museums empower visitors to connect to their broader communities. Museums need tools to facilitate conversations around exhibits and promote distribution of visitor input.

Curator Central is the community platform to connect more deeply with museum works. Curator Central uses the Harvard Art API to enhance artworks in Harvard Art Museum’s galleries.

My group was selected for an Excellent Project Award at the end of the class. We were recognized for our fluid implementations of:

  1. Scanning QR codes to collect artworks

  2. Enabling users to leave threaded comments directly on an artwork

Below is our video demo. We had fun with it.