www.trudy.tube 🎧

I was frustrated that I couldn’t see every song I listened to on Spotify. So, as a personal project, I made a Spotify listening archiver to…

  1. Collect every single song I listen to and

  2. Generate interactive listening charts, plotted by time of day.

version 1.0

In 2020, I made a mood tracker for my Spotify listening behavior. I learned a lot of valuable skills about APIs, data organizing, and visualizations.

However, there were a few things I thought could be improved from the old site.

version 2.0

This time, I wanted to make a listening tracker that was reliable, modular, and insightful.

So, this listening tracker is a React app with a Flask backend (hosted on Heroku). And the listening data is stored in an SQL database.

The data is also all plotted by time of day. Users can hover on a circle to play a song, click the circle to open it in Spotify, and scroll below to see all recorded songs.

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Below is a demo and diagram of the new site.