Over January of 2022, I was in a DJ class. I had so much fun making my first mix. But then I realized it sounded bad to everyone else because the beats of the songs were different.

So, I made this compatible BPM Spotify library explorer using the Spotify API.

User Experience

[1] Seed Song Selection

First, the user pick a seed song. A user’s recently listened to tracks are displayed as suggestions. Or, a user can search for a song. This song sets the standard BPM (top left corner). All other songs are compatible with this BPM.

[2] Playlist Building

Then, a user enters the playlist building mode. A user can build a playlist by clicking on album covers to add them to the top playlist bar. By clicking on “NEW SECTION” in the bottom right, a user can create a new section of potential songs to choose from. Each section type is either:

[3] Exporting to Spotify Library

Once a user finishes building a playlist in the top bar, the playlist can be exported to the user’s library. Then, the user can start from the beginning with a new session.

“Hobby Project”

I would tell you to try it out on your own, but the API team rejected my request for an app extension (because it's a "hobby project" 😔). If you would like to use it, I can add you to the list of approved accounts, though!

Below is the video demo I submitted to try to get it approved. And here is the repository!