I wanted to make a website from scratch. I think handmade websites are awesome and can be a great form of self expression.

There are lots of great website generators, but I wanted my website to be fully customizable and learn new skills during development.

When thinking about the design of my personal website, I wanted to balance representing myself personally and professionally. A lot of my web design inspiration is collected in this Are.na channel.

I want to feel comfortable sending my website to friends AND employers.

System Specs

The frontend is made with React and Next.js, deployed on Vercel. Posts are written with Markdown. I also used Prisma and Planet Scale to count the number of site visits.

The repo was adapted from this blank Nextra repo.

The current repository can be found here.

Previous Versions

Since I use my personal website as a playground to try out new web stacks, my website has been through a few iterations. I used to use Flask, Heroku, and Notion for a backend. That was a fine approach, but it was slower than Vercel. And it was basically held together by scotch tape and bamboo underneath.

Below is a screen recording of my old website though!