Trudy Painter is a creative technologist at Google Creative Lab in New York City and recent graduate of MIT. She designs and builds prototypes to make AI models more approachable, for everyone.
In NYC, it's with . Gradient generated with these values.
Google Creative Lab
At Google, I split my time between building prototypes and creating clear communications around AI usage. I've worked on some of the largest AI launches at Google, including Google's state of the art multimodal model, Gemini.
MIT Media Lab
I graduated from MIT in 2023 with a double major in computer science and comparative media studies. I also published research on human + AI interaction with the MIT Media Lab, specifically the Viral Communications group.
Project Archive
All projects, big and small.
Location: Google MIT Media Lab Personal Project MIT Class
Years: 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020
Tags: machine learning video fullstack react docker vercel archive d3 web sockets flask vue sql heroku spotify api next planet scale bot p5.js chrome extension misc
Bard Social Strategy
Short form videos for Google's chat AI, over 40 million views
Google2024machine learningvideo
Gemini Multimodal Launch
Promotional (and controversial) videos for Google's biggest AI release to date
Google2024machine learningvideo
Gemini 1.5 Pro Launch
Tutorial videos to highlight AI research breakthrough
Google2024machine learningvideo
Latent Lab
A fluid visual tool to explore a knowledge base, powered by an LLM. Research paper published at ICCC 2023.
MIT Media Lab2023fullstackmachine learningreactdockervercelarchived3
LLM Axis
Customizable word organization graph using GPT4
Personal Project2023fullstackreactvercelmachine learning
Collaborative, accelerated idea generation tool using a machine learning model trained on images of cars
MIT Media Lab2022fullstackweb socketsmachine learningdockerflaskreact
Curator Central
Community web app to collect and annotate artworks using the Harvard Art API. Awarded Excellent Project in MIT's Software Studio Class.
MIT Class2022fullstackvuevercelsql
Music Listening Tracker
Every single song I’ve listened to, charted by time of day
Personal Project2022fullstackarchivereactflasksqlherokuspotify api
Spotify Bpm Explorer
Spotify library explorer by BPM, built for my DJ class
Personal Project2022fullstackreactspotify apiflaskheroku
Multimodal pointing and speaking to comment on artworks for MIT class Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces
MIT Class2023fullstackvercelreactmachine learningsqlnextplanet scale
Altruistic Botnet
Friendly botnet designed to inflate web traffic around climate change
MIT Class2022botp5.js
MIT Music Map
Interactive data visualization of where MIT students listen to songs on campus.
MIT Class2022p5.jsspotify api
Spotify Monster
Social network of Spotify Tamagotchi on Arduino
MIT Class2021fullstackspotify api
VSCO Zine Generator
Generate printable zines from a VSCO using Bindery JS
Personal Project2020fullstackflaskheroku
Chrome Social
Fleeting human interactions in new Google Chrome tabs
Personal Project2022fullstackweb socketschrome extensionflasksql
Pokemon Archive
Web crawler and archive for Pokemon cards
Personal Project2020archive
Personal Website
How I built my personal website using Vercel and Next.js
Personal Project2022fullstackreactnextvercelsqlplanet scale
Real Talk Radio
Continuous audio stream of spoken word interludes
MIT Media Lab2020fullstackarchiveflaskheroku
Memoir Twitter Bot
Memoir generator twitter bot
Personal Project2020bot
Paris Fashion Week
Modeled in virtual show for UK designer Martine Rose
Personal Project2021misc
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