Photo taken by Abby Lorenzini
Hi, my name is Trudy. I work at Google Creative Lab in New York City. I care about building tools and experiments to make AI approachable for a wide audience.
At Google, I split my time between building experimental AI prototypes and designing communication strategies for the company’s biggest AI research releases. Check out my work on AI advertisements or controversial promotional videos or research demos.
I'm also a recent graduate of MIT (2023). I double majored in computer science and comparative media studies. I published human/AI collaboration research through the MIT Media Lab, specifically the Viral Communications Group. Examples of this type of work are Latent Lab and Meshup. Through the comparative media studies major, I was involved with digital archive design and even travelled to Prague to build a custom archive for historians working with WW2 documents.

I mean it when I say I love to chat. Reach out at
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