Hi, my name is Trudy. I work at Google Creative Lab in New York City. I'm building AI experiments to make large language models more approachable and accessible.
At Google, half of my time is spent building prototypes and the other half is spent creating clear communications around AI usage. For example, I wrote and shot advertisements for Bard experiments. I also worked on Google's launch of their new multimodal model, Gemini. You can hear my voiceover in this use case video.
I'm also a recent graduate of MIT (2023). I double majored in computer science and comparative media studies. I was involved with the MIT Media Lab, specifically the Viral Communications Group. I researched how to push the boundaries of interaction with large language models. Examples of this type of work are Latent Lab and Meshup.
I mean it when I say I love to chat. Reach out at hello@trudy.computer
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